Treat your home to a 60 minute makeover!

Bespoke ideas that sum up the personality of your home.

In a ‘60-minute makeover’ we can provide a fully costed scheme for your personal space. Original paintings on canvas from our team of artists, stunning CGI, graffiti, hand-painted or printed murals, colourful abstracts, re-productions of famous works, sculptures, growing walls, style tips and colour schemes – all designed to fit your budget. Call now to discuss 07590 459328.

Why not make a bold statement with a wallpaper feature wall? We can use either your photography, stock images or can produce a custom design by one of our artists, subject to your brief, which will transform a room instantly in a unique way.

We also have large format abstract canvases of original art that can be created to match any colour scheme. A splash of colour can liven up any room and inject some vibrant style.

Private Commissions


Our artists can design a wall mural or original canvas to reflect your brand and your vision and values that will become a talking point in your reception or boardroom.


Something personal could make an inspirational gift for someone who ‘has everything’, on one of those landmark birthdays. A painting can say far more than a photograph about a time gone by, bringing the characters back to life, or recording memories for the future of children or treasured pets.

Nostalgic and precious black and white prints can be transformed into colourful paintings showing another place in time. Seen somewhere you loved on holiday? We can paint it from your favourite photograph.

Or you may wish to capture your home or garden.



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