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Try a fresh approach to attracting and retaining the best talent for your business by making your workplace an inspiring environment. Better still, involve your employees in the creative process and get them fully engaged and on board with your brand vision and values day to day.

What do your office walls say about you and your brand?

What impression do staff and visitors get when they enter your offices?

Are you proud of your boardroom and would you like it to be talked about?

How do your staff feel about the areas where they eat and enjoy their breaks?

Does your workplace express your vision and values?

We are a consultancy who can advise, create, provide and install creative ideas and solutions that answer all these challenges. We project manage your office art project starting with detailed fact-finding about the business to consolidate your brief. We will then consult your employees for their ideas and requirements and identify any un-tapped in-house creative talent. We might arrange a photographic competition or a graffiti workshop so that production of the artwork is low cost but maximum benefit in terms of team building and engagement. We will help establish links with local schools, colleges and local art groups to showcase their work in what will be a more vibrant and productive workplace.

Your first step:  free telephone consultation 07590 459328.

Make contact now to explore how we can maximise the potential of your surroundings and your workforce!


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