pantone colour of the yearSo, it turns out the Pantone “Colour of the Year” 2016 is not a colour at all, but rather two colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity. For those who don’t have a finger on the pulse of colour fashion, Pantone is the leading authority in forecasting colour trends and identifying colour using a standard language.

Ordinarily, only one colour is chosen, but this year, Pantone has released the pairing and dubbed it to be a conveyance of warmth and tranquillity. Additionally, it has been described as a blurring of stereotypical gender boundaries – with the perception being that pink is for girls and blue is for boys – Pantone has eliminated this by announcing these two colours are the go-to shades for design this year, no matter who you are.

As these colours are not too imposing, they would work particularly well for those seeking a wallpaper mural with a dreamy or subdued style.


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